Jan 2020
↳ Present

Full Stack Developer

@ Colgate-Palmolive

E-commerce web app development in the DTC group, launching 2 new brands with headless frontend Shopify GraphQL sites built with Vue + Nuxt. Supported development of an existing Shopify Liquid. Developed Node.js modules and micro-backends to support extended site functionality. Deployed serverless applications with GCP.

  • vuejs
  • node
  • js-square
  • css3
  • shopify
  • google
  • github
May 2019
↳ Dec 2019

Software Engineer

@ GalaxE Solutions

Developed full-stack applications for clients in the healthcare industry. Built a market price tracking application for a financial team with Java + Spring in the backend and a React SPA on the frontend. Deployed scheduled and serverless functions with AWS and Python.

  • java
  • react
  • js-square
  • css3
  • node
  • aws
  • github
Sept 2018
↳ Apr 2019

Web Development Intern

@ Aardvark Brigade

Developed a range of WordPress websites for a web design agency. Learned the foundations of web development with CSS3, HTML5, and PHP. Configured local + production development with Gulp/Grunt and Vagrant.

  • wordpress-simple
  • css3
  • html5
  • grunt
  • gulp
  • bitbucket