• Ads Creative studio illustration

    Ads Creative Studio



    A unified home for Google’s creative advertising tools, to help you build compelling experiences for video, display and audio ads. Ads Creative Studio will allow creative teams to build and innovate together while increasing productivity and simplifying the overall process to bring a great ad to life.

  • Google Ads Display & Video 360 logo on dark gray background

    Google Ads Display & Video 360


    Display & Video 360 is the evolution and consolidation of DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio, and Audience Center. It offers a single tool for planning campaigns, designing and managing creative, organizing and applying audience data, finding and buying inventory, and measuring and optimizing campaigns.

  • hum by Colgate logo on a red background

    hum by Colgate


    Launched a new "sub-brand" of Colgate called hum with a headless DTC E-commerce website. Built with Nuxt.js on the frontend, using Shopify as a backend CMS for handling products, customers, orders and checkouts. We also used Three.js and GSAP to create cool, fluid animations throughout the site.

  • CO. by Colgate logo on beige background

    CO. by Colgate


    Colgate's second "sub-brand" launch of CO. by Colgate, with a Gen-Z focused oral care brand on a headless DTC E-commerce site. Built with Nuxt.js on the frontend, and Shopify as a backend CMS for products, orders, customers etc. A very unique design that also keeps accessibility in mind.

  • Farrell Partnership company logo on orange background

    Farrell Partnership Website


    Designed, developed and deployed a new brand website for Farrell Partnership, LLC., an architecture firm based in New Jersey. I used Vue + Nuxt for server-side rendering, and for a CMS which greatly improved speed, user experience, and site reliability compared to the previous WordPress site.


  • RescueGroup mobile app icon

    RescueGroup Mobile App

    I’m working on a React Native-based iOS app aimed at making it easier to rescue animals in need of a home, and make it easier for rescue organizations to find homes for their furry friends.

  • Express, Babel, NodeJS and JavaScript logos

    Express.js Babel Starter Project

    A GitHub repo template that makes it easy to start building a Node.js backend application. Includes support for modern ES6 syntax, input validation, GitHub Action templates, Google App Engine deployment, and more. Comes with a Model-View-Controller directory structure for better project organization.

  • Expo logo on black background

    Hue Morse Messenger

    My first React Native + Expo app, which utilized Philips' Hue Smart Lightbulb API, enabling users to send Morse Code messages to rooms in their house by flashing the lights. This also involved building a desktop app with React/Electron that starts an Express app to connect to Philips' Hue API. Not practical, but very fun!

  • Rust logo on purple background

    Rust Sandbox

    Web app that allows users to write and execute Rust code in their browser. Built with React + Next.js with TypeScript.

  • Blue image of Vimeo logo

    Vue Vimeo Player

    Vue.js component for embedding Vimeo videos, with several options and event hooks for custom behavior.

  • React logo on a terminal icon.

    React Component Generator CLI

    CLI tool built with OCLIF that allows developers to quickly generate files for React components. Supports JavaScript or Typescript, and mulitple component styling options.