• hum by Colgate logo on a red background

    hum by Colgate

    Launched a new "sub-brand" of Colgate called hum with a headless DTC E-commerce website. Built with Nuxt.js on the frontend, using Shopify as a backend CMS for handling products, customers, orders and checkouts. We also used Three.js and GSAP to create cool, fluid animations throughout the site.

  • CO. by Colgate logo on beige background

    CO. by Colgate

    Colgate's second "sub-brand" launch of CO. by Colgate, with a Gen-Z focused oral care brand on a headless DTC E-commerce site. Built with Nuxt.js on the frontend, and Shopify as a backend CMS for products, orders, customers etc. A very unique design that also keeps accessibility in mind.

  • Farrell Partnership company logo on orange background

    Farrell Partnership Website

    Designed, developed and deployed a new brand website for Farrell Partnership, LLC., an architecture firm based in New Jersey. I used Vue + Nuxt for server-side rendering, and for a CMS which greatly improved speed, user experience, and site reliability compared to the previous WordPress site.


  • RescueGroup mobile app icon

    RescueGroup Mobile App

    I’m working on a React Native-based iOS app aimed at making it easier to rescue animals in need of a home, and make it easier for rescue organizations to find homes for their furry friends.

  • Express, Babel, NodeJS and JavaScript logos

    Express.js Babel Starter Project

    A GitHub repo template that makes it easy to start building a Node.js backend application. Includes support for modern ES6 syntax, input validation, GitHub Action templates, Google App Engine deployment, and more. Comes with a Model-View-Controller directory structure for better project organization.

  • Expo logo on black background

    Hue Morse Messenger

    My first React Native + Expo app, which utilized Philips' Hue Smart Lightbulb API, enabling users to send Morse Code messages to rooms in their house by flashing the lights. This also involved building a desktop app with React/Electron that starts an Express app to connect to Philips' Hue API. Not practical, but very fun!

  • Rust logo on purple background

    Rust Sandbox

    Web app that allows users to write and execute Rust code in their browser. Built with React + Next.js with TypeScript.

  • Blue image of Vimeo logo

    Vue Vimeo Player

    Vue.js component for embedding Vimeo videos, with several options and event hooks for custom behavior.

  • React logo on a terminal icon.

    React Component Generator CLI

    CLI tool built with OCLIF that allows developers to quickly generate files for React components. Supports JavaScript or Typescript, and mulitple component styling options.